The Scented Letter ‘Colour & Synaesthesia’ (Print Edition)


Described as a ‘must-read’ by industry insiders and perfume-lovers, we are delighted that in addition to our digital magazine, a beautiful print edition of The Scented Letter – The Perfume Society‘s Jasmine Award-winning magazine – now comes in print format.

In this 48-page edition, catch up on all the Latest Launches and scent news, explore the fascinating phenomenon of ‘synaesthesia’ (which ‘links’ the senses in some people), follow the journey of lavender from field to flacon – and drench your senses in colour, as well as scent, among other excitement…



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This new silky-paged print edition of our beautiful downloadable Jasmine Award-winning magazine, The Scented Letter, explores the enduring relationship between fashion and fragrance via inspiring writing and glorious visuals.

Here’s what you’ll enjoy…

In this edition, enjoy…

• What Does Wednesday Smell Like? With stunning images produced by Frederic Malle – who himself has synaesthesia – Suzy Nightingale explores this phenomenon. Do you have it…?

 The Colour Purple – from field to flacon, Jo Fairley follows the scent trail of lavender – which is being given a makeover by perfumers for the 21st Century

• #ShareMyStash – one of our Perfume Society VIPs – Maria Angelidou – opens her cupboards (and her heart) to share her much-loved scent collection

• Memories, Dreams, Reflections – Molly Parkin, who’s as colourful a character as you could imagine,  shares a (quite outrageous) life of scent memories with our Editorial Assistant Carson Parkin-Fairely – who happens to be her granddaughter

• Colodorama – what happened when one of the world’s leading fragrance houses asked their top creators to interpret a rainbow in scented form…?

• All the Latest Launches and news, events around the country – and so much more…

For a taster, see below…

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