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The clue, quite simply, is in the name – although some of these fragrances do smell like they’re closely related to the chypre family. It’s true:  they share some characteristics, but generally without the floral flourishes of the chypres.

Perfumers have a fabulous palette of woody elements to weave into their creations: sandalwood, cedar, agarwood (a.k.a. oud), guiaiacwood, as well as patchouli and vetiver. (These last two aren’t woods: they’re roots and leaves, respectively – but you’d never guess, from their intensely earthy, woody character.)

Woody fragrances can be given a spin by adding spices/fruity notes, or herbs – so if you like woods (or you’re simply interested in learning what they smell like), do explore the other members of this family, too… Many masculine, quite a few shared and a few women’s fragrances belong to the woody family.

Here is a selection or perfumes, refresh for more.

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