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The term ‘Oriental’ in the perfume world refers to an historic fragrance family classification that encompassed notes like amber, sandalwood, coumarin, orris, vanilla and gum resins. The majority of major fragrance houses still use the term to classify scents with these ingredients. However, in recent times it has become increasingly clear this term is outdated and offensive to many and we have replaced with ‘ambrée’.

At The Perfume Society, we use information directly sourced from fragrance houses to classify their fragrances and the ingredients used within them. The Find a Fragrance algorithm on this website is based on terms fragrance houses supply us with. We are opening the discussion with houses who use this term, and asking for their clarification on how they plan to reclassify their fragrances. Work in progress…

Seductive, voluptuous and with a va-va-voom, the fragrances in this family tend to feel ‘grown-up’ – and many have a warm, heavy, diffusive richness that’s more suited to after-dark wearing. They linger sensually on the skin: they’re heavy on the base notes, which tend to last longer.  (However, there is a new ‘mini-family’ of fresher fragrances, with a lighter touch, and a more ‘daytime’ feel – which you’ll discover when you explore the other categories within this beautiful family…)

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