Granado Pharmácias

From selling natural remedies in the 1800s to a whole collection of fabulous fragrances and home scents, this proudly Portuguese house has long been adored in Brazil. Now, we’re thrilled their fragrant wares are available in the U.K. too…

First founded all the way back in 1870 by José Antonio Coxito Granado,

The Granado Pharmácias story really began when this entrepreneur started selling his own natural remedies – which were all created from the plants, herbs and flowers José found growing in his home of Teresópolis, a stunning, mountainous region of Rio. From these humble beginnings, a whole business flourished, and it wasn’t long before the very first Granado retail establishment was secured. Set amidst one of the most bustling, successful streets in Rio de Janeiro, it wonderfully remains their flagship store to this day.


In addition to the medicinal remedies they’d begun supplying, the now blooming Granado Pharmácias started importing other products from Europe, ‘adapting their formulas to the standards and needs of Brazilians. The quality and effectiveness of their offering soon made Granado one of the official pharmaceutical suppliers to the Royal Court. Through this connection, in 1880, Dom Pedro Il granted it the title of Official Pharmacy of the Brazilian Royal Family.’ With a royal seal of approval, the Pharmácias flourished even further – expanding their range while remaining true to their heritage – doubtless helped along by the fact this treasured house remained within the original family for three generations of their growth. How wonderful that chairman Christopher Freeman ensured this heritage was celebrated and protected, and in 2004 ‘the traditional Brazilian perfumery house Phebo, was incorporated into the company. Granado Pharmácias sought to renew this historic brand and three years later began to create new product lines including colognes and scented candles.’


‘After years of success in Paris, we are excited with the opportunity to launch in the UK market. Granado is a very traditional brand founded in Rio de Janeiro in 1870. Partnering with an iconic store such as Liberty for this next step in our international expansion,  is a dream come true!  After a period of lockdowns, we are thrilled to offer British consumers with our fresh take on fragrance and colorful creations, inspired by our heritage, Brazilian culture and ingredients’ – Sissi Freeman, Marketing Director of Granado.


Now, we all love exploring a traditional pharmacy – one of the major highlights of any holiday! – but obviously we were over the moon to discover the beautiful fragrance collection, each of which honours the heritage of the house, while moving their story onward for new generations to enjoy. To celebrate its 150th anniversary, ‘Granado developed the Bossa Eau de Toilette, a delicate reminder of the warmth of the sun and the freshness of the sea, transporting us to a perfect day in Rio. Its citrus and sea notes evoke freshness and sea breeze, while the sunny flowers bouquet and coconut note promote a creamy and delicate sensation.’


And to really sense the balmy exoticism of the region it’s inspired by, we love Époque Tropical – ‘the perfect union of the exotic Brazilian flowers and classic French perfumery. A fragrance that takes us on a stroll through the gardens of Rio in the 19th century. In an elegant and dynamic creation, Epoque Tropical revisits the woody notes of sandalwood and guaiac in an original and enveloping way. With a striking presence, the wood is balanced with the freshness of mandarin and cashew fruit, are enveloped by the floral bouquet with magnolia, rose and geranium. A unique creation that develops itself on the skin, in an olfactory harmony between freshness and sensuality, the classic and the modern.’ Those seeking a modern go-to classic scent should seek the stunning Boema which incorporates geranium, black pepper and smooth woodiness with a warmly spiced tobacco base, and evokes… ‘the bohemian atmosphere of the Lapa neighbourhood in 20th century Rio de Janeir, the Boemia perfume stands for sensuality and boldness. A fresh, light, and spicy fragrance with contrasts of warm and soothing notes, this sophisticated scent is produced with extra neutral alcohol and goes through the maceration process, resulting in a fuller and more harmonious fragrance.’


Whichever fragrance you are drawn to first, we feel sure you will want to stay and explore the entire collection – every detail is so carefully thought out, from the beautifully composed scents themselves, through to the so-covetable heritage style packaging (you’ll even find yourself lusting after soaps like never before!) Confused about where to begin? Have a read through each scent’s description, close your eyes and imagine where you’d like to travel; then, let your senses mingle and travel to Rio via your nose…


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