To step into the universe of Valentino is to discover a world of divine elegance, sensual pleasure, true glamour – and even dreams-come-true…

This is a timeless couture name whose designs have been loved (and worn) by stylish women the world over – from Jackie Kennedy to Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman to Gwyneth Paltrow, Elizabeth Taylor to Cate Blanchett, Audrey Hepburn to Halle Berry and Lupita Nyong’o, among so many more.

Indeed, screen goddesses, princesses and the glamorous wives of billionaires have always flocked to Valentino, with the label responsible for the glamour and elegance of half the names on the ‘Best Dressed List’…

Decades after the label’s debut, Valentino’s catwalk shows continue to be received with universal acclaim – and movie stars are still the designer label’s stunning ambassadors. They turn to Valentino because nobody understands the ‘red carpet moment’ better, or makes photographer’s flashguns whirr that bit louder.

valentino fashion designer Pierpaolo PiccioliValentino truly understands glamour from the inside-out. Pierpaolo Piccioli (right), has taken the reins as Creative Director, showing a true understanding of Valentino’s heritage. Working closely with the artisans and with the Italian expertise has been fundamental. It has allowed me to understand and perceive the rules in order to break them and rewrite them.’ Maintaining that red carpet presence, Emma Watson has worn ivory lace Valentino to the BAFTAS, while Anne Hathaway sashayed into the Oscars in a red Valentino column dress created by this talented designer. The list of fans goes on…

And when it comes to fragrance…? The philosophy behind each creation has always been: ‘A woman must cause heads to turn when she enters a room…’ Thus the Valentino name has become known through the years for fragrances as glamorous as those frocks – but a fresh breeze has been blowing through the line, recently, with Valentino fragrances as show-stopping and as chic as the clothes themselves. Today, women have a veritable ‘wardrobe’ of these to choose from – each stunningly bottled. And there’s a wardrobe for men, too, with Valentino Uomo, Uomo Intense and Uomo Noir Absolu.

Take Valentina (left), created by master perfumers Olivier Cresp and Alberto Morrilas as a tribute to today’s Valentino woman’. In this Italian floral Ambrée, you’ll encounter uplifting Calabrian bergamot, and the radiant beauty of jasmine, Amalfi orange blossom and tuberose, offset by wild strawberries. Unusually, there’s a note of white Alba truffles, to shake things up and add intrigue and depth. The base notes hum and purr: sensual amber, alongside cedar: a blatantly feminine modern classic.

The Valentino Uomo and Valentino Donna fragrances have both made quite some splash since their launches, sharing one of the most striking designs for a flacon to be seen in recent years (right – and above, held by ‘face’ Adut Akech).

Valentino Uomo spectacularly swept the board at the French ‘FIFIs’ (Fragrance Foundation Awards). Commented Candy Perfume Boy on the Escentual blog: ‘This is seriously good stuff that truly represents effortless Italian style and as an added bonus, it is presented in one of the most handsome perfume bottles this writer has ever seen.’

The timeless spirit of the Italian dolce vita, meanwhile, is captured in Donna, ‘a perfume that celebrate women: their romance, grace and femininity.’ A stunning  floriental creation from Sonia Constant and Antoine Maisondieu, it bursts into life with grapefruit, bergamot, and blackcurrant accord, swirling with roses and a sweet peach accord, at once vibrant and vivacious, whilst – as one perfume-writer put it – ‘showcasing old-school perfumery notes such as rose and iris in a contemporary way.’ And ultimately, Valentino promise, it leaves a ‘trail of elegant sensuality that is iconically Roman…’

Glamour? There’s really nobody does it better.


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