‘EAU.MG, is a British, niche, contemporary perfume brand, made in the UK. We are a brand which makes a statement – Be Bold. We use the highest quality oils, from a wealth of talented perfumers, with striking simplicity and minimalism, our scents are effortlessly yet stylishly designed and crafted to be as bold as you want to be…’


Holly Hutchinson’s olfactory journey began in childhood, because, she explains, ‘Fragrance has been a passion since I was a little girl. I loved the way it gave your character another dimension. It made me feel grown up, feminine, and unique.’ Little wonder, then, that EAU.MG represents her third remarkable foray into fragrance – this house launching in 2023 and focussing on ‘…playful, accessible range of quality perfumes which are made with sustainability in mind.’ Knowing that many yearn for exquisite quality, niche perfumes, but are unable to always afford the price point, Holly was determined to make EAU.MG uniquely accessible for anyone wishing to venture into the wonderful world of artisanal fragrance, but perhaps wondering how to take the first scented steps of their adventure.


These are scents handmade in the U.K. – created to keep their carbon footprint as small as possible and using sustainable, recycled and biodegradable materials wherever possible. They are bold in character, and instantaneously brightly appealing with a rainbow of colours drawing the eye, they’re super long-lasting, too. It’s another point of difference which sets EAU.MG apart from the competition: many more reasonably priced perfumes have the disadvantage of being rather fleeting in strength, resulting in the need to re-spritz several times throughout the day (and therefore making them less than pocket-friendly in the long run). Choosing to work with exciting, up-and-coming perfumers such as Elodie Durande and Tristan Badard, with EAU.MG fragrances, Holly ensured that joy and exuberance bursts from every bottle. For Holly believes that boldness applies to the juice just as much as the inspiration, explaining: ‘…our extrait de parfum scents last 8-12 hours, with great projection. We use the highest quality oils, from a wealth of talented perfumers, with striking simplicity and minimalism, our scents are effortlessly yet stylishly designed and crafted to be as bold as you want to be.’


Echoing the fact that we are all – wonderfully, eccentrically – different, each bottle of EAU.MG is uniquely capped and, being hand-made, ‘no two are the same,’ Holly proudly declares. Exuding the creativity that throbs at the beating heart of this exciting brand, Holly says: ‘We give people a vehicle to express their creativity, bringing ‘Oh my God!’ to the mind and bringing it to the perfume world, creating deliciously niche yet commercial fragrances.’ So what does that mean? Quite simply, it means every single scent is adventurous in spirit but remains absolutely wearable, every day ­– this isn’t a house that does ‘weird’ artistic scents that cannot truly be worn outside of an art gallery. EAU.MG fragrances excite the senses and invite you to ‘push the boundaries and set our own rules together.’

Speaking to ‘a new generation of fragrance lovers’ craving creative, sustainable, affordable niche aromas – these are fragrances to dive into bravely and see where each takes you. Encouraging an olfactory freedom by allowing that accessible price point, while never playing ‘safe’ or cutting corners, EAU.MG beckon you forth, saying… ‘We are what you want to wear, how you want to feel and how you want to smell. We are the finishing touch to your personality; to your outfit, elevating you, inspiring you, empowering you.’ Now the only decision to make is where to start your new scent adventure with this fabulously emboldening, future-forward house we’ve all fallen madly for here at TPS Towers. So, which one will be making YOU shout ‘EAU.MG!’ first, we wonder? Take a little you-time to explore these scent descriptions, and just allow yourself to be drawn the fragrance it feels like fate is calling you to…


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