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Matchless, and elegantly confident. Clive Christian creates the ‘world’s finest perfumes’ – timeless classics, made without compromise.

Using exquisite ingredients, with intense and complex formulations and the ultimate craftsmanship, Clive Christian blends royal British history with visionary flair, creating a perfume house that stands outside time. These are highly expressive, uniquely personal perfumes of pure perfume pleasure – the ultimate form of self-expression.

In 1999, a visionary designer – Clive Christian OBE – acquired the storied Crown Perfumery Company, which dates back to 1872. Clive Christian’s iconic collections creatively blend the company’s unique history of perfume opulence with future-forward vision. The heritage is embodied by the iconic crown symbol (seen right on original bottles from the company’s vaults), the rights to which were first granted to the Crown Perfumery Company by Queen Victoria herself in 1872. An image that still defines every bottle of Clive Christian perfume to this day, you can find Queen Victoria’s crown standing proudly as the cap of every perfume. This is a lasting memento of a token given in gratitude, celebrating a very special personal relationship with one of Britain’s greatest monarchs.

Clive Christian only create perfume of exceptional concentration – this is fragrance with true, exquisite va-va-voom. With a perfume oil inclusion of 20% or above in every bottle, the blends offer a long-lasting impression and immersive experience for the wearer, with a complexity unique to the world of perfumery: anywhere between 120 and 300 different ingredients can be found in every Clive Christian bottle.

All fragrances adapt to the wearer’s skin, of course, but this opulent complexity creates a unique experience for each customer, creating a scent that evolves on the skin over a period of hours, for true self-expression. Only the finest (and often costliest) ingredients make their way into one of these distinctive bottles, whether that be perfectly aged 50-year-old Indian sandalwood, the most perfect damask rose, the rarest saffron or the latest ground-breaking molecules.The richly-nuanced portfolio offers creative classics – for instance, the Original Collection – alongside bold innovations from the Addictive Arts range. It’s a much-loved name among those-in-the-fragrant-know, synonymous with timeless craft and rich, complex perfume.

The perfect embodiment of Clive Christian – this seamless, clever fusion of the heritage with the modern – is perhaps Matsukita, which sits within the Crown Collection, which you can read more about below. What a tale there is behind this woody-Chypre reimagination of the famous Crown Perfumery perfume of the same name, first created in 1892 and inspired by a fabled Japanese princess who wowed the Victorian royal court. Conjuring up that elegance, grace and mystery for a new generation are fresh top notes of pink pepper and bergamot, spiced by nutmeg, a floral heart of Chinese Imperial jasmine and smoky black tea, on a whispering base of amber, musk, mosses and woods.

But now, let us lead you by the hand – or perhaps the nose? – through the different, utterly divine Clive Christian collections.

An exploration of Clive Christian’s origins in the Crown Perfumery Company, archive fragrances from our perfumed past are reimagined for the modern perfume connoisseur.

Drawing inspiration from the greatest milestone moments of the Clive Christian world, creating a private tale for each wearer and exploring our deeply personal relationship with perfume. A private and intimate moment, written in time, written in perfume.

Transporting the wearer to a new and illicit frontier of fragrance. Inspired by narcotic stories penned by the literary greats, the intensity of these perfumes’ ingredients are not for the faint-hearted.

Inspired by key artistic, architectural and horticultural movements from history, these perfumes take the wearer on an adventure of epic proportions with their arching historical sweep through the eras.

Pioneering perfumes since 1999, the signature and classic collection unchanged for 20 years (pictured right). Celebrating the artistry of perfume in its pure form, through the use of the most exquisite ingredients.

Fundamentally, each Clive Christian perfume is elegant, transcending time, and rooted in the highest standards of craftsmanship. Using exquisite ingredients, with intense and complex formulations that last – for opulent, pure perfume pleasure. Uniquely expressive, exquisite perfumes that make a bold personal statement.

It is perhaps no wonder that they have acquired the reputation, among scent cognoscenti, as the finest perfumes in the world…

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